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A: Emergency-

Arnica, Borage, Common Self-Heal, Pink Yarrow, Red Clover and Rock Rose

No handbag should be without it. In all situations where shock, pain, or injury occurs or develops, it can bring about instant calm; with long-term use, it helps to process and resolve the respective causes, such as trauma, shock, and mental pain.

B: Lerning-

Daisy, Oxeye Daisy, Peppermint, Elm and Traveler’s Joy

It supports both young and old in learning situations, and can strengthen concentration, and thereby influence learning success in a positive way.

C: Motivation-

Wild Garlic, Dyer’s Broom, Wild Rose, Felwort and Tansy

It can help in situations where there is a lack of drive, whatever the reason may be; it brings new momentum and vigor, and awakens sluggish minds.

D: Fidget-Ease –

Stinging Nettle, Wild Oregano, Edelweiss, Bluebell, Agrimony and White Yarrow

It is meant for supposedly behaviorally challenged children who actually need only understanding and support for who they are and what they are really capable of.

E: Self-Worth –

Alpine Cyclamen, Buttercup, Oxlip, Violet and Wood Strawberry

It is a balm for the soul for all who do not yet know how valuable and precious they really are.

F: Sleep Well –

St. John’s Wort, Chamomile, Lavender, Dandelion and White Chestnut

As the name implies, it supports the process of falling asleep by means of helping one calm down and relax.

G: Stress Be Gone –

Monkey Flower, Periwinkle, Common Self-Heal, Dandelion, Jumping Jack and Elm

It serves everyone who, full of stress and annoyance, is trying to cope with every-day life. The heart rate calms down and the nerves are strengthened.

H: Light on-

Mustard, Birch, Gorse, Gentuan, St. John’s Wort, Snowdrop

Taking this mixture can create a ray of hope in a gloomy view of the world, and thus lead one out of deep depression.

I: Love me-

Apple blossom, agrimony, winter health, pansy, wild strawberry

Ich lieb mich- ich lieb mich nicht,…
Selbstliebe-  kann man das lernen?

Self-love – can it be learned?

Even thinkers such as Erich Fromm regarded self-love as the basis for being able to love others. The Bible says, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.
The “Love Me” mixture contains flowers which can promote and support this self-love.